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Thyme Extract

Thymus vulgaris L.

DER 1:2-2.5 (Liquid)
≥30% Total Phenols by spectrophotometry
DER 10:1 (Powder)

  • Anxiety
  • Expectorant
  • Secretolytic
  • Diuretic
  • Anti-inflammatory


Thyme Extract

  • Herb

Thymus vulgaris which is also known as thyme belongs to Lamiaceae family. It is indigenous to the Mediterranean. It grows up to 15-30 cm tall and 40 cm wide. It is a bushy, evergreen shrub with purple or pink flowers and highly aromatic grey-green leaves.


  • Chemistry

Thymus vulgaris contains thymol, p-cymene, and γ-terpinene in high amounts, whereas it also contains carvacrol, borneol, 1,8-cineole, q-cymene, linalool, a-pinene, camphor, and myrcene inside.


  • Indications

In history, Hippocrates, who is known as the father of western medicine, prescribed thyme to cure respiratory diseases. Today, thyme can be used to cure anxiety, reduce high blood pressure, reduce the effects of respiratory diseases, as a natural food preservative against bacteria and fungi, protect against breast and colon cancer, and heal common skin problems such as eczema-like lesions.