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Bionorm is a global manufacturer of natural active ingredients for healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in accordance with GMP regulations. As a supplier, the main objective of the company is to utilize plant-originated raw materials to obtain high-value added extracts and pure bioactive compounds.


In order to achieve this goal, Bionorm has adequate set-up with state-of-the-art technology for extraction, isolation and purification of natural substances as well as significant knowledge in the natural product chemistry field.

Our Values

  • Global company focused on B2B
  • Leading company dedicated to sourcing, innovation, and quality
  • Sub-structured with expertise from the field to production
  • Corporately managed company with a family frame of mind-

As we converge upon our sourcing from the field, we appreciate and pay the same attention to the personal growth of our employees. As a company our demeanor is to meet our employees as newly grads. We believe in this innovative atmosphere they will progress in their career as they bring fresh ideas and innovation to our company.

Our Company History

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In 2007

After being found in 2007 the company signed an agreement with Ege University Science and Technology Center which led to establishing an R&D laboratory on the campus.

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In 2009

In 2009, Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate (TEYDEB) awarded Bionorm with two incentive projects to develop high value added products from medicinal plants of Turkey. Upon completion of R&D studies, a pilot plant was established on the campus for large-scale production of the target natural products.

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In 2010

In 2010, Followed by successful implementation of the R&D results to pilot production, Bionorm signed agreements with international companies to provide high purity substances.

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In 2011

In 2011, Bionorm decided to move its operations to a larger plant in an organized industrial region located in Tekeli-Menderes, Izmir and activated the production line in the new plant.

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In 2014

In 2014, Became GMP certified natural API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturer at large scale.

We monitor the complete manufacturing process from raw materials to the finished products.