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St. John’s Wort Extract

Hypericum perforatum L.

Total hypericins 0.3% by spectrophotometry and max 6% hyperforin

  • Cognitive Health
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic


  • Herb

Hyperici herba consists of the whole or cut, dried flowering tops of Hypericum perforatum L., harvested during flowering time. St. John’s wort (SJW), known botanically as Hypericum perforatum, is a sprawling, leafy herb that grows in open, disturbed areas throughout much of the world’s temperate regions. The use of this species as an herbal remedy to treat a variety of internal and external ailments dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks. H. perforatum consist of freely branching shrubby herbs that typically range from 40 to 80 cm in height. The stems and branches are densely covered by oblong, smooth-margined leaves that range from 1 to 3 cm long and 0.3-1.0 cm wide.


  • Chemistry

There are 2 chemicals that play a major role in how it works within St John’s worth. These are hypericin and hyperforin. These and other related compounds are the main active parts. They may affect serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These are neurotransmitters in your body.



  • Indications

Herbal preparations of St. John’s worth extract product for the treatment of mild to moderate depressive episodes (according to ICD-10) and the short term treatment of symptoms in mild depressive disorders.