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Chamomile Extract

Matricaria recutita L.

≥1% Apigenin by HPLC

  • Gastrointestinal
  • Antiviral
  • Cognitive Health


    • Herb

    Matricaria flower is the common name for the flower heads of the plant Matricaria recutita L. (also known as Matricariae flos, Marticaria chamomilla, Chamomilla recutita, Chamomilum nobile, German chamomile, Camomilla, and Flos Chamomile). It is a member of the Asteraceae family. The composite flower is white in color with a yellowish orange center. The flowers for medicinal use are obtained either from plants that have been cultivated or found in the wild.


    • Chemistry

    The chemical compounds of this plant are as follows: apigenin, apigenin-7-O-glucoside, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, luteolin, and luteolin-7-O-glucoside, terpene bisabolol, farnesene, chamazulene, flavonoids (including apigenin, quercetin, patuletin, and luteolin), and coumarin.


    • Indications

    On the basis of its long-standing use matricaria chamomilla extract can be used for the following; treating the symptoms of minor gastro-intestinal (stomach and gut) complaints such as bloating and minor spasms, relieving the symptoms of common cold, treating minor ulcers (open sores) and inflammations of the mouth and throat. As add-on treatment of irritation of the skin and areas around the anus and genitals, once serious conditions have been excluded by a doctor; (adjuvant therapy of irritations of skin and mucosae in the anal and genital region, after serious conditions have been excluded by a medical doctor.) Treating minor inflammation of the skin (sunburn) and superficial wounds and small boils (furuncles).