Cognitive Health

Passion Flower Extract


A member of the passion flower genus Passiflora incarnata (purple passion flower) is a common wildflower in the United States (commonly Illinois, Indiana and Ohio). The plants need to grow direct sunlight for at least 12 hours and flowers bloom in summer with short life. Egg-shaped edible fruits called maypops used by the natives for making tea. Tea is also made from the roots and used for the relief of nervousness and anxiety for many years. Passion flower is considered to be a drug attributed primarily to the alkaloids and falvonoids and other phyto-constituents. Passion flower extract is obtained from the herb contains flavonoids as vitexin reach up to 3.5 % of total content. Passion flower extract is commonly used for the treatment of different diseases like dysmenorrhoea, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, asthma, muscle spasm, menstrual cramp, palpitations, epilepsy and insomnia.