Hair Nutrition

Biovitrient 125™

Multi-tasking  Scalp & Hair Nourishment

BIOVITRIENTS 125™ contains a rich blend of Rosemary, Hamamelis, Equisetum, Citrus lemon, Gotu kola, Pine, Hop, Sage as well as Provitamin B5, Biotin and Niacin.


The complex has powerful precursors for hair growth and the rejuvenation of the hair scalp which ensures hair follicle formation by stimulating the immune system. The rich blend also has properties moisturizing, emollients, filmogenic protection and free radical scavenging. It helps to strengthen hair roots and stimulate hair growth.


The constituents of the blend are potent antioxidants and enhance blood circulation. BIOVITRIENTS 125™ reach the hair follicles in the scalp via blood stream and offers healthy looking hair.