Know-How Through Research

Bionorm R&D team gets involved in all steps of product development, from the creation of a new project to obtaining a target compound in its purest form.
We are in close contact with academicians and industry representatives to find out what is new and needed in the market for development and initiation of joint projects to appraise natural sources. In our multidisciplinary platform, R&D team creates ideas and finds solutions for high-value added product development in parallel with the demands from our customers.

R&D for Innovative Solutions in Natural Products

Up to now, Bionorm has successfully completed four major projects. At the moment, R&D team pursues thirteen projects, eight of which are internally funded. The other projects are funded by the external sources such as Technology and Innovation Support Programs Department (TEYDEB) and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

Our Fields of Interest

We focus on the following areas: development of efficient extraction and purification processes, purity grade improvement of the active natural products, active ingredients for healthy living, anti-cancer drugs, immune-system boosters/adjuvants and telomerase activators.