Plant Cultivation

Ensuring Sustainability: Contract Farming & Plant Tissue Culture

We create our own strategy and knowledge-driven approach to natural sources for sustainable solutions in agro-business.


As a four-season country, Turkey is a treasure chest of biodiversity which hosts a large variety of plant species. As the first natural active ingredient manufacturer of Turkey, Bionorm functions as a bridge to interconnect operations between the today’s world industry and the agricultural labourers.

In respect to this mission we select the most yielded herbs that we prospect for all over the country and organize the farmers by signing a contract for farming practices in the target region. Over the years, Bionorm has developed strong and long lasting relations with all farmers so as to keep our supply chain unceasing.


Plant tissue culture lighting the way to obtain plant materials with higher levels of active constituents


Not all the plant material sources we work on are sustainable for long-term productions. In order to overcome this challange, Bionorm has started a strategic alliance with Invitro Fidan, Dikili Çiftlik A.S. in 2014.  We use bioreactor technology for large scale cultivation of plant cell cultures and production of bioactive compounds for delicate plant species that have commercial value.