About Us

Innovative Solutions, High Purity in Natural Products

Bionorm manufactures natural active ingredients for the cosmetic, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in accordance with GMP. As a supplier, the main objective of the company is to utilize plant-originated raw materials to obtain high-value added extracts and pure bioactive compounds. In order to achieve this goal, Bionorm has adequate set-up with state of art technology for extraction, isolation and purification of natural substances as well as significant knowledge in natural product chemistry field. With the broad expertise of our R&D team and continuous improvement of both our processes and individual capabilities, we respond to customer demands by tailor-made projects. Bionorm provides high quality products with competitive prices, prompt delivery and good services to the customers.


• In 2007, Bionorm Natural Products Co. Ltd. was founded as a spin-off Company. After signing a 10-year agreement with Ege University Science and Technology Center, Bionorm established an R&D laboratory on the campus.
• In 2009, Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate (TEYDEB) awarded Bionorm with two incentive projects to develop high value added products from medicinal plants of Turkey. Upon completion of R&D studies, a pilot plant was established on the campus for large-scale production of the target natural products.
• In 2010, Followed by successful implementation of the R&D results to pilot production, Bionorm signed agreements with international companies to provide high purity substances.
• In 2012, Bionorm decided to move its operations to a larger plant in an organized industrial region located in Tekeli-Menderes, Izmir and activated the production line in the new plant.
• In 2014, Became the first GMP certified natural API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturer of Turkey in large scale.